Every baby deserves the royal treatment

So … you may have heard that Kate and Prince William had a baby boy yesterday! And if you are reading that here for the first time, honestly I am a little bit worried about where you have been for the last 24 hours. The airwaves are flooded with the news of the royal birth. Why are we so entranced by this new baby? I mean I love babies as much as the next gal, most especially when I am related to them. I am just not sure I understand the fascination we seem to have around this event and our continued interest in all celebrity births here in our country. I refuse to even name in this blog a “celebrity couple” who recently gave birth to a daughter, but rest assured they have had plenty of media coverage and attention.

Did you know that 330 babies are born in North Carolina every day?

Each of these newborns deserves a royal celebration, but North Carolina continues to have a high infant mortality rate, and roughly 25% of these children will live in poverty. Many of our state’s children are born with birth defects, which are in some cases preventable in nature. We have many organizations working to ensure quality prenatal care — and many more that can help after the baby is born with information, support and services. But we can and should do more to support our new parents.

So today, instead of watching the internet to learn the new prince’s name, why not reach out to a parent you know and celebrate them? And if you are a parent, reach out and give your child an extra hug on the occasion of a royal birth. Or, even better: Support a program in your community that supports new parents.