First in a series: A grant recipient speaks

A recent grant recipient tells her story about what the gift from the Wake County Community Foundation means to her organization.  Check back often to hear more stories from other agencies!

  "I am Missy Schoning, the Executive Director for the Christian Life Home.  We are a maternity home here in Raleigh, which houses young ladies ages 10-23 who are in an unplanned pregnancy.  They live with us during their pregnancy and receive medical care, nutrition, counseling and the opportunity to save money.  We prepare them through counseling and classes for parenting or adoption, and then come along beside them as they carry out their plans.  We also train and consult with other like ministries throughout the United States and internationally.

 I would like to share something special that happened recently.  The Wake County Community Foundation had granted a gift of $2500 to Christian Life Home so that we could replace the carpet in our office.  A few years ago we had a flood in the office that caused damage to the carpet and created a mold problem.   I appeared in front of the Wake Board and had the opportunity to thank them for the gift and explain more about the Christian Life Home and how we serve Wake County, North Carolina, and other ministries nationally and internationally.  I explained the situation about our old carpet and how we used the $2500 to replace it and get rid of the mold.

 After the meeting, one of the board members, Chuck Riesebeck, approached me.  He explained that his business, AdvantaClean, performs water removal, structural drying, mold testing and remediation and damage repair.  He gave me his business card and told me that if it ever happened again, to feel free to call him and he would see what he could do to help.

 I then left, heading back to the office, checking my phone messages.  I had a message from our Office Manager who had just come in the office to discover that the previous night’s rain had partially flooded our office.  I believe God puts people in your path for a reason; I immediately called Mr. Riesebeck and explained what had just happened.  He offered to come over right away with one of his men.

 Once they arrived, they assessed the situation and helped guide us on how to proceed in order to salvage the new carpet.  They loaned us their dehumidifiers and a blower in order to help us dry out the office and the carpet.  I am happy to say that our new carpet is still in tact and there is no sign of mold.

 It touches me to think how the Wake County Community Foundation helped us initially and then we were doubly blessed by the contacts that were made through the board.  Christian Life Home would like to thank the Foundation and AdvantaClean for helping us through both situations!"