Giving back: A letter to the New Bern Sun Journal

This letter was published in the New Bern Sun Journal Aug. 29 and is used with permission.

A few days ago I attended the Craven County Community Foundation Awards Ceremony which was held at First Citizens Bank in downtown New Bern. I was pleased to see so many worthwhile projects funded through grants from this organization.

Many of the organizations to which grants were awarded are operated by caring citizens who work on a volunteer basis to improve the quality of life in our community. As I stood and listened to comments of the representatives of the various organizations receiving grants, it occurred to me that a common thread was being woven. Numerous non-profit organization leaders shared how the funds awarded would be used. Over and over again, I heard these people state that their grants had been written in order for their services to collaborate in one way or another with Craven County Schools for the benefit of our children.

I have served on the Craven County Board of Education for 22 years, and there are few things in my life that I am more passionate about than caring for the well-being of our children and youth. I was truly deeply moved to know that I was standing in the presence of people who have the same care and concern for them as I. Our children are our most precious resource for the future of our nation. Yet, there are so many needs among children in our society today. I am blessed to know that we live in a loving and caring community of people who are willing to give of their time and abilities to assist the schools in preparing our young people to be engaged and productive citizens of the future. Whether assisting in providing medical services, shelter, clothing or opportunities to participate in beneficial activities, these organizations are making an impact on many of our children through this funding opportunity.

I want to publicly commend all the leaders of these organizations and say thank you for partnering with Craven County Schools. I also want to recognize those citizens of Craven County who serve as board members of the Craven County Community Foundation (a division of N C Community Foundation) for volunteering their time to see that these funds are put into the hands of the entities which will make the best use of them.

Needless to say, these funds would not be available without donors who contribute to Craven County Community Foundation. This foundation is a tax-exempt, public charity which enables people with charitable interest to easily and effectively support the issues they care about, either immediately or through their wills.Thank you to every donor who helps to make these grants possible.

I am most grateful for my dear departed friend, Richard Chapman (RC) Cleve, who was a primary benefactor to this foundation. I know that he would be very pleased to know that his money is being invested in programs which benefit our children.

Linda M. Thomas, Vanceboro

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