Granite Savings Bank Unrestricted Fund for Caldwell Accepting Applications

Granite Savings Endowment Fund Applications Are Available


The Granite Savings Bank Unrestricted Endowment Fund for Caldwell County has limited funds available for community needs and projects.  The endowment fund uses its income for charitable, benevolent, cultural, civic, moral and educational purposes in Caldwell County.  The fund was created from a merger of Granite Savings Bank with Centura Bank in 1993.


The fund will consider grant requests from charitable organizations qualifying as non-profit organizations under the IRS code 501 (c) 3.  The endowment fund will not consider grant requests for programs outside of Caldwell County unless the organization can show a direct benefit to Caldwell County.  No endowment funds will be allocated for any political purpose or for the use of an individual.  The fund will not benefit organizations with a primary function of allocating funds to other charitable organizations or projects, or to augment other endowments or to organizations whose primary function is to engage in lobbies.  Routine operating expenses are not given favorable consideration.


Applications can be picked up at the following locations:  PNC Bank in Granite Falls, the Hudson Town Hall, and in Lenoir, the Caldwell County Libary.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting Barbara Clawson at 828-728-9522 or Gary Clawson at 828-759-1244.


Applications will not be available by mail.  Completed applications must be returned with a postmark no later than June 15, 2013.