Grantee Profile: All Things New Inc.

Nonprofit Profile: All Things New Inc.

Name: Patricia Holland, Founder/Executive Director, All Things New Inc.

Where is your nonprofit located? Raleigh

How long have you been in operation? 11 years

What do you do? We are committed to supporting foster care individuals and families in kinship care by providing necessary services and resources for their success.

How has NCCF and our affiliates supported your work? NCCF has provided grants that allowed our organization to begin services in 2015 and another grant in 2023 that allowed the organization to give beds to foster kids and to our kinship care families.

The funding we recently received was used for the Sweet Safe Sleep project, where children in kinship families and foster care would receive a bed to sleep in to keep them from having to sleep on the floor, a couch, or even share a bed.

What is a challenge that you face? Larger entities that provide non-personalized services, having the funding to sustain our operations and effectively serve our target population, and having active participation without any fears or concerns from individuals and families.

What do you wish people knew about your organization’s work? All Things New Inc. is based in Raleigh, and serves all of Wake County with supplies, services, and resources. However, we serve all of North Carolina with resources. We aim to bridge gaps by offering tailored assistance to our target population, and we are dedicated to creating a supportive environment for kinship families and foster care individuals, encouraging their active participation without any fears or concerns.