Grantee spotlight: Lump to Laughter

Pictured are Lump To Laughter volunteers hosting an open house at the local support center.

The Brunswick County Community Foundation board of advisors is proud to support many important nonprofit programs having a positive impact on the local community.

Lump to Laughter is one such nonprofit. Founded in 2005 by two friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time, the area organization supports those suffering from breast cancer. Lump to Laughter’s Angel Fund focuses on single parents and their children and sends Hope Packages to those newly diagnosed. The organization strives to provide the support the founders needed when they were diagnosed and make those suffering from cancer aware that they’re not alone on their journey.

With the support of the Brunswick County Community Foundation, we can continue to change not only individual lives but also the greater community as a whole,” said Connie Hill, Lump to Laughter founder. Hill co-founded Lump to Laugher alongside Renee Ballard.