Growing season

I love this time of year — early summer in our beautiful North Carolina. The weather is warm but not coupled with the hot humidity of July and August. Add to that the lengthening days and how very green everything looks after such a long winter.

I love waking up in the morning to water our garden and walk around the yard to survey all the growth. Right now it feels as if you can actually see plants growing right before your eyes! I love tending to our garden and anticipating harvest time. My little patch of land brings me joy.  And now that I can recognize poison ivy and oak, the time spent in our yard is truly much more joyful!

The growing season reminds me of endowment funds here at the Foundation. Like a seed planted with care, adding some sunshine and water sees an endowment grow.  

Recently we worked with fundholders to show the extraordinary growth of their fund over the years. Started with a donation of $77,000 in 1998, this fund has made grants totaling more than $36,000. Without any additional contributions this fund balance is now $97,000. Imagine what it might be with a little water and sunshine thrown in over the years.

This is the amazing power of an endowment.  And this fund is not any different from the hundreds of endowments under our care. Even without additional contributions, your fund grows to support more of your charitable interests. Adding a little water and sunshine compounds the growth – and your joy.