Gumballs and goodness

It is not often that I get to spend an evening with a 97-year old who could run circles around me. Tuesday night I had the good fortune to attend the Lee County Community Foundation 2015 Man and Woman of the Year event. This year’s honorees, Virginia Hester and Dr. Dean Kesler, taught me a thing or two. 

Virginia is a former teacher, current philanthropist and a very active gardener who still drives (only because, as she told us, she has no children to tell her that she can’t).

Dr. Kesler, a retired OB/GYN, spends his time volunteering for a relief organization and was a founding member of the local Boys & Girls Club. 

Both have deep roots in their community and are much beloved.

When they received their awards, they both got up and talked about what their community foundation means to them — and how helping others has truly made their lives richer. They both clearly love Lee County and have deep histories of caring about other people and important causes. They truly exemplify our positioning statement: State of Generosity. ™

This will seem like a dramatic departure, but it’s not: I have spent the last several weeks cursing the thousands of gumballs that have fallen in our yard. I have tried to come up with a product to utilize these awful menaces to no avail. My dear husband will be happy to hear how extremely motivated I am now to spend time working in the yard. Virginia has convinced me that gardening will keep me young!