Heartbreaking, teachable moments in news this week

So just in time for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have been privy to another elevator video where NFL football player Ray Rice is shown punching his fiancé, now wife.  Needless to say, this was a shocking and heart-wrenching display of the dynamics of domestic violence. 

This video is what you would call a “teachable moment”– and many programs are experiencing in increase in calls for service. 

We still have a long way to go to understand this issue and to support the victims.

National statistics indicate three in 10 American women have experienced rape, physical violence or stalking by a partner.

Here in North Carolina, a group of leaders has been involved with a campaign to bring awareness around the issue of domestic violence. The public service announcements are running. In fact, one ran last night during the Ravens/ Steelers game, and the website offers important information to victims and friends.

Visit www.eNOughNC.org to find programs in your area, to learn more about the issue of domestic and partner violence and to find out what you can do.