I like to count

I like to count.

In my head is a running inventory of collections of numbers, like: entrees with five ingredients or less; the number of steps I have taken that day; or three commands that all dogs should know.

I know for a fact that people are also attracted to headlines and stories that use numbers to package ideas. Who hasn’t clicked on things like “10 best ways to cut your budget while saving for that dream vacation?” Or “4 things you should always ask a new job candidate.”

Well, we at NCCF also have a number we like to bandy about, and that’s “5 reasons why an endowment with NCCF is important.” This is our business, and we believe we are the best place to create an endowment — so we really had to whittle it down to keep it to the top 5.

Or, as our Development Vice President Beth Boney Jenkins likes to query (and then of course answer) “Why are we worthy?”

  1. We conserve North Carolina’s charitable resources for future generations. When we set up a fund “in perpetuity,” be assured it is going to be around for the near, mid- and long-term. One other way to put that is: forever.
  2. These same funds provide for the safety and growth in perpetuity of many North Carolina nonprofit organizations. These are permanent resources that feed the hungry, heal the sick, house the poor, educate our children and touch the lives of nearly everyone living in the Tar Heel state. We have our own endowment that funds some of our work, ensures our future and is a best practice we simply can’t ignore.
  3. As the only statewide community foundation serving North Carolina, there is no other organization that offers statewide coverage, expertise and services.
  4. This type of support is becoming increasingly more essential to the future stability of the organizations and charitable causes we hold dear. Government spending on agency services has been trending downward and will continue. Demand will continue to trend up.
  5. A strong, prepared and resilient economy is essential to our support of rural North Carolina, a key to our mission and to the ongoing vitality of our state.

NCCF has streamlined the procedure for creating an endowment. A minimum gift of $10,000 and a simple legal agreement will quickly establish a donor advised or designated endowment that will actually be around long after you’re gone. Additional gifts can be made in any amount at any time. These can range from small donations to the incorporation of a planned giving strategy. And our team of professionals will provide all of the administration, record-keeping, grantmaking, gift acknowledgments and fund performance reports.

Maybe that last paragraph snuck in a few more reasons that we’re worthy of creating your endowment. You probably have a few of your own. We’d love to hear from you. Let’s count all the reasons that this is a good idea for you.