I remain hopeful for a better tomorrow

Canceled, postponed, rescheduled, moved and updated. These changes have all flashed through our inboxes, feeds and news screens since last week.  

It’s been overwhelming to say the least to see how our world as we know it has been turned upside down. It’s been difficult to explain to my children what this all means and that yes, we will be okay. 

I remain grateful during this uncertain time for many things; technology, our nonprofit communities that come together in time of crisis and serve, for our educators and especially those that work in healthcare.

When disasters strike, it’s uplifting to me how we bear witness to the good. The media highlights the positive things people are doing, neighbors checking on neighbors, the country wanting to make sure all children are taken care of, acknowledging those that are vulnerable and making them a priority. 

Do we have to be in response mode to highlight the good?

It has been heartfelt to witness the compassion we have for one another, for our children and for those that will struggle because of this. I love seeing restaurants posting about their intention to help feed families, Corp America coming out and providing free internet and CEO’s of major online platforms providing their product to ensure all have what they need. 

When this all ends I hope the mindfulness of others remains, I hope we continue to acknowledge the struggles others face and the desire to help our communities thrive with and without a pandemic. NCCF will be here to highlight the good and partner with our communities now and in perpetuity.

Self-Distancing with my husband, three children, one dog, a cat, four chickens, one bunny, four goldfish, a hermit crab, three turtles and a whole lot of love!