In search of five-leaf clovers

So I found a five-leaf clover over the weekend. For seemingly ever I have looked for a four-leaf clover, not obsessively, but just always on the lookout whenever I come upon a bed of clover. I have never found one before, but I knew I would someday. And for some reason, a five-leaf clover seems artificial and a little suspect, but I am still claiming it. I looked it up, and some people say that it is even luckier, and it could mean luck in money.

It made me think a little bit about whether I would continue searching for four-leaf clovers in the future, or if this particular quest was now complete. That got me to thinking about reaching a goal. What do you do when you fulfill a quest or achieve something that you’ve waited a lifetime to achieve? I know finding a particular clover is not a crowning achievement, but it still made me think…

Setting goals is really important to me both professionally and personally. We have just reached the end of our fiscal year here at the Foundation, and it is both a time of reflection on last year’s accomplishments, as well as anticipation of what’s to come. Sometimes we do not always slow down long enough to reflect on the accomplishment piece. I hope this is not our team’s experience here at NCCF this past year. We have done good work, and my wish is for each of us to feel pride in our accomplishments and our part in our achievements. And that we slow down for the reflection and celebration.

Sometimes upon reaching a goal, I see people lose interest. Or downplay the challenge, then move on to the next one.

I have decided that I am of the camp that will keep looking. I have adjusted my goal to find several four- or five-leaf clovers. If I found one, I can do it again. That is how I am approaching my goal-setting as well. Some goals I’ve met are worth setting again, perhaps with some slight adjustments.  I’m proud of my accomplishment, but I’m ready to do more.

I’ll let you know about the luck in money thing…