John Anthony Little Memorial Scholarship celebrates 5th year

By Katie Crumpler

2015 celebrates the fifth year of awards from the John Anthony Little Memorial Scholarship.The anniversary of the fund brought together both current and past recipients to talk about college and share tips and advice.

Paige Little, scholarship chair, welcomed the group and commented on what a stellar selection of students had won the award over the past five years.She noted that the Little Scholarship is more than grades and academic achievements -- the committee looks at what's inside each student and what they plan to give back to their communities in years to come.

Little noted that they are building a society of scholars, so each student feels that he/she is supported by a larger network. This was certainly the case as current college students gave advice to the 2015 scholarship recipient, Vershon Battle, as she prepares to attend NC Central University in the fall. 

Previous winners include:
2011 Nolan Watkins
2012 Samantha Denny
2013 Antonio Jones
2014 Carly Simonton

L-R: Jim Cross, Samantha Denny, Carly Simonton,
Vershon Battle, Nolan Watkins, Paige Little and Sam Royster