… These are all buzz words that lots of organizations use for various marketing efforts. It’s not just jargon at NCCF. We are in the business of connecting with people; it’s what we do!

We use these terms in several contexts, including  connecting with our local affiliate boards and our communities and connecting our donors to initiatives and issues they love and care about. We connect nonprofits with funding resources. Our board members use their connections to inspire philanthropy in their communities.

We connect with what we do. 

Being from eastern North Carolina, everybody is connected in one way or the other. Everyone is related somehow or someway. It’s the greatest resource of our beautiful region and one that I employ any chance I get! We are connected by old family heritage, our love of the beauty and land but mostly we are connected by the love of where we live. 

My husband and I recently purchased an old farmhouse, and I occasionally will post social media pictures of funny ha ha’s about our new life on the farm. I have even used the hashtag #LoveWhereYouLive on more than one occasion. 

We are connected with our sense of place and where we choose to live and raise our families and where we place our charitable time, talent and resources. I am reminded everyday how fortunate my family is to be able to live where so many generous people love their communities so much that they have set up permanent endowments to benefit organizations in perpetuity. That is amazing; they want to make sure the things they care so deeply about in their communities have a financial future long after they are gone. It is gratifying and so very important that the North Carolina Community Foundation exists as a vehicle to help them accomplish that important goal. 

While we are all connected digitally through our electronics, let’s try and UN-connect online so much and connect personally with our neighbors and the things we love about where we live and the passion they inspire.