My NCCF top ten list

My last day with the Foundation is Jan. 30th, and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reflecting back on my experience with this wonderful organization. Here are some of my discoveries.

10. North Carolina is really big. I can be in another state before I could drive from Wilmington to Lumberton.  Go figure.

9. The Duplin County Sheriff’s wife is a fantastic baker – last year her cake sold for $20,500 to benefit the Duplin Foundation for Youth Advancement!

8. It can snow in Rose Hill in the middle of summer – thanks to the amazingly creative Ironman 3 set designers.

7. Some of the wealthiest and most generous people you will ever meet lead the simplest lives and give from the heart.

6. “Chicken Bog” is a real food.

5. New Hanover is a treasure trove of the most interesting and philanthropic women you could ever want to meet – the Women’s Impact Network ROCKS!

4. Watermelon lemonade from the annual Watermelon Festival in Fair Bluff tastes like summer.

3. Reading 50 scholarship applications a year can make you feel so thankful for the energy, creativity and determination of our high school seniors – our future is secure.

2. Possums aren’t the most cooperative models – it takes a while to get a good picture, and then it’s magic.  Bears can also be interesting. 






1. The friendships I’ve made, the small towns I’ve visited and the experiences I’ve had with the North Carolina Community Foundation have made my life immeasurably richer. Many thanks to my Foundation family, my affiliate board members and to the amazing nonprofit organizations that serve our state. I will continue to cheer your many great achievements!