NCCF announces Chairman’s Challenge total!

NCCF just wound up November’s Chairman’s Challenge fund-raising campaign, and the results of our second-year effort are “truly heartwarming,” according to CEO and President Jennifer Tolle Whiteside. “I am always gratified by the generosity demonstrated by the people in our state.”

A total of $236,740 was received in donations to affiliates. Add the generous $125,000 match from several anonymous donors, and the total sum of $361,740 will be proportionately divided among affiliates for local grantmaking in their communities.  “The increase in total dollars raised compared to last year surpasses 150%,” Tolle Whiteside said. “By any standard, that’s a successful campaign.”

The campaign will give a healthy boost to local grantmaking among participating affiliates throughout the state.

Beth Boney Jenkins, NCCF vice president of development and a chief architect behind the campaign, extended appreciation to all who supported the fundraising effort. “We thank everyone who gave to the matching campaign,” she said. “Every gift makes a difference.”

Jenkins was also quick to point out that the affiliate board members were key to the success of this year’s Chairman’s Challenge. “Their efforts, referrals and personal contacts made the campaign so effective,” she said. “We really appreciate their hard work.”

Stay tuned for some interesting campaign metrics and “fun facts” as the development team continues to examine the numbers.  “We were so excited about the results that we wanted to go ahead and announce totals,” Jenkins said. “But more detail is to come!”