NCCF redesigns team for 2020

The North Carolina Community Foundation is pleased to announce a new regional staff structure to serve our state and its communities beginning next year.

Historically, NCCF had eight team members, known as our regional directors, serving our fundholders, nonprofit partners and local affiliate foundation boards in eight regions across the state. We also had two staff members serving new fund development statewide.

Moving forward, NCCF will have teams of four members, each of whom will focus on just one of these areas of work.

Each of these teams of four will serve communities in one of three regions – western, central and eastern North Carolina.

*We look forward to expanding the team in the west to round out the donor engagement team.

With these changes in place, communities we serve will transition from having one staff member handling all areas of service for them, to a team of four staff members, each with their own area of expertise.

These changes prioritize sustainability and expert customer service and are the result of an extensive strategic planning process led by our board of directors.

Although the new model promotes distinct areas of expertise, it will yield greater opportunities for collaboration where the areas of work overlap and across county lines, as our relationships both deepen and broaden. Doing so will allow us to better serve our affiliate board members and our nonprofit partners to integrate our fundholders into the work of our statewide network more effectively. Ultimately, benefiting North Carolina.

Our team began transitioning in the fall in anticipation of this realignment being effective in January.

“I know that these changes are right for NCCF,” said Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO and president. “They will make us a stronger organization better positioned to help our communities thrive.”

Visit our communities section to see which staff members are now serving your area.