NCCF’s “family reunion” — the makings of a perfect day

Yesterday was like a big family reunion at NCCF, except without the potato salad and awkward hugs from strange relatives. It was a perfect clear and crisp fall day as our statewide board, affiliate leaders and staff convened for a full-day meeting in Raleigh. 

But this was no mere “meeting!” It was the perfect convergence of energy and passion and good work, with close to 100 participants from Macon to Manteo. Our time together provided an opportunity to learn from each other — to share great ideas — to celebrate the significant philanthropic work that is occurring in communities across North Carolina — and to plan together for the future.  

NCCF Board Chair James Narron kicks of the Forum.

NCCF Board Chair James Narron kicks of the Forum.

The FUTURES Committee provided an update. This is the group led by James W. Narron, our board chair, that has been reviewing our business strategy and planning next steps. Narron provided information on the work to-date, outlined potential recommendations and gathered feedback from participants. We also heard about how the North Carolina Community Foundation compares with other community foundations across the country, and in particular how we remain unique.   

We talked dollars and cents and also sense, but what we focused on the most was the passion that infuses our network for the important community work we do. 

A community foundation is often described as a catalyst, a convener and a connector – and all of these attributes were on display as we heard from our local leaders about the impact they are making.

Like any big family reunion, we took photos. We also had a special video booth where folks got the opportunity to share their philanthropy stories. Of course we ate some good food and had games!  

Pretty much a perfect day.