NCCF’s new online grants system has launched

NCCF’s new online grants system for community grantmaking through affiliates and women’s giving programs began June 27, and the new platform is working well, according to D’Wayne Wilkins, NCCF’s manager of IT.

The Foundation’s new online vendor is Foundant Technologies. Grants cycles that commenced June 27 and later are utilizing the new system. Visit this page for a complete schedule of community grantmaking cycles.

Wilkins said he and NCCF’s staff are excited about the new system. “This program receives consistently high marks for ease and dependability among all key users,” he said.

NCCF has utilized an online grants system for community and women’s grantmaking programs since 2011, so the concept will not be new to most applicants or reviewers.

NCCF constantly monitors our use of technology to ensure that we continue to meet our goals and constituents’ needs. The grantmaking process is no exception, according to Leslie Ann Jackson, director of grants and scholarships. “We have learned a lot in the years since launching an online grants system, and we look forward to applying those lessons as we implement a new system,” she said. 

Foundant Technologies’ solid reputation for customer service was a key to NCCF’s selection of the vendor. “Customer service is always a priority for NCCF,” Jackson said.

Updated training materials for grant applicants and reviewers and other information about the online portal are available here. Many of NCCF’s regions are conducting online training during grantseeker workshops (see our online Calendar for a list of some of the planned workshops). Staff also will be available to help answer any questions about the new system.