New department supports services to our donors

A key component of NCCF’s mission is to provide exemplary services to the generous fundholders like you who hold philanthropic funds at the Foundation.

Many of our fundholder services are now provided by the Foundation’s newest department: Community Investment & Engagement.

The Department was formed at the start of this year to unify our internal processes by bringing together community leadership and affiliate management, grants and scholarships administration and donor services and engagement in one streamlined team.

Leslie Ann JacksonLeslie Ann Jackson, the Foundation’s former director of grants and scholarships, was promoted to vice president and leads this team.

Leslie Ann’s elevated role speaks to steps the Foundation is taking to double down on our commitment to provide superb customer service to our fundholders across the state and carry out our role as experts in philanthropy.

The Department is responsible for many outreach efforts to our fundholders and works daily to further engage you in philanthropy.

Stay tuned for more information on the exciting work of this team!