New ramblings of a CEO

Happy 2015! I have been hard at work on my new winter goal, which is to be able to start a fire in my fireplace using one match and utilizing only kindling and wood. So far my record is a disappointing four matches. I think I was motivated by reading WILD over the holidays — and by my furnace breaking down as well.  Here’s hoping you stay warm in this cold weather.

Other than this grand plan of saving matches, I have converted from the way I used to set my New Year’s resolutions. In the past those far-flung ideas — and what sometimes turned out to be some broken promises to self — have really not gotten me where I want to be. Did you know that there are apps that help you stick to your resolutions? Rather than that route, I have come up with a very short list of intentions. Actually not even a list, but similar to a sentence that spells out my intention for 2015. I am not planning on tweeting it, but it is less than 140 characters and could be repeated on request. I can recall it upon waking, and I feel that it is doable and potentially attainable. It may not quite fit into a “measurable” category, but it is, rather, a list of things that I could feel quite good about.  And it can easily be incorporated into my day. It also fits into my work to stay in the moment.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.

How do you plan to set your intentions for 2015? The new year provides a great opportunity to change, update, refresh or simply continue on a path you have set. Folks here have shared with me plans to reduce stress, get more sleep, simplify, lose weight and have more fun. What are your plans?

Here at NCCF our intention is to continue to look for new ways that we can serve you with excellence and to ensure we are working smarter, better and brighter. We’ll even use more than one match if necessary!