Northern Albemarle affiliate offers financial literacy program

By Natalie Jenkins Peel

The board of advisors of the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation (NACF) sponsored a financial literacy program for the youth of Girls Inc

NACF board members Becky Elliott with First Citizens Bank, and Russell Hull, Financial Consultant with Whichard & Woolard Wealth Management of Wells Fargo Advisors, conducted an hour-long training session for 15 summer campers.

“Savings and Investments” was the focus of the presentation. The children were taught lessons on the importance of saving, necessary and optional spending and investing. 

Hull said he was impressed with the girls’ initiative. “The girls really were able to grasp the information we were providing to them, and using companies they are familiar with as examples was key to their understanding,” he said.

Joyella Farrington, Girls Inc. executive director, said the organization and the girls were extremely appreciative of the program. “The financial literacy program was a huge hit with the girls,” she said. “The visuals and hands-on activities kept the girls engaged and attentive throughout the entire presentation.”

“Kudos to the NACF board for such a well thought-out program,” Farrington added.

In addition to Hull and Elliott, NACF board members are: Kathryn Scott, president, Becky Phelps, Reba Green-Holley, Elizabeth City Mayor Joe Peel, Kathy Leary, Quincy Tharps and Christie Quance,

For further information, contact any board member or NCCF Regional Associate Natalie Jenkins Peel at 252-216-8908.