Not just a pit stop

Last week I broke my old record. I am pretty excited. Dear friends, you know I am on the road a bit, but what you may not know is that one way I entertain myself while traveling is to time all of my “pit stops.”

And okay, so I am not going to come close to breaking the NASCAR record of something close to two seconds, but I do  think I can post some pretty respectful numbers. Gasoline only, with more than a half tank needed?  Four minutes. Gasoline and a snack? Seven minutes. A rest stop? Six minutes.

I do have some self-imposed rules, which are to time starts as soon as I exit the highway and stops when I enter the highway off-ramps.  

Last week traveling to Wilmington, I broke my new rest stop record – now set at four and a half minutes. It did help that it was getting ready to rain, so I was really rushing.

Actually my visit with the New Hanover County Community Foundation was much more exciting and never the type of experience to record in minutes. This summer I am part of the team that is gathering information from our affiliates about how we measure our success. I was charged by the Affiliate Impact Committee to gather some feedback on the work so far. New Hanover was a perfect stop — a strong and involved board, long history of success and keen interest in increasing the impact of their work. 

Gathering feedback and new ideas are important parts of our work here, all while staying efficient. But how do you put a stopwatch on success?