Oh the places they’ll go!

I have had the opportunity to be closely involved in our grants and scholarship work over the last several months, due to a staff change. This has reminded me of how both breathtakingly simple and also amazingly complex our work is at NCCF. 

I did not need a reminder of what a committed and engaged staff we have.  Sarah Taylor, who oversees work on our scholarship program, connects with our students and our donors and ensures that all t’s are crossed, all forms are completed properly and all the vast information requirements are met.

And simply name one of the more than 275 students who has received a scholarship from NCCF, and Sarah can tell you off the top of her head which scholarship fund and what school the student is attending.  If there were such a thing, she would hands down win a game show entitled “Scholarship Jeopardy!”

Sarah also pays attention to what students are studying and provides wonderful anecdotes and inspiration to our staff and donors about this work.

This year, through the generosity of our fund-holders and donors, the NCCF has been honored to provide more than 300 scholarships totaling about $450,000. That’s a lot of t’s crossed and anecdotes to tell. But most of all, it’s the beginning of many success stories that will certainly have a positive impact on North Carolina.