Our own backpacking buddy

As you may know we are in the midst of recruiting our next NCCF chief financial officer. This is a critical position for us, and we are spending much time and effort to ensure we get this one right.

Current CFO John Berngartt has worked with us for almost 10 years, and his leadership has transformed our finance team and our organization with his focus, dedication and willingness to jump in with both feet. At our quarterly statewide board meeting on Friday the members had an opportunity to hear from him directly about our success and his thoughts about what has made the difference for him personally and for us as an organization.

Armed with information that could have been reduced to graphs and pie charts complete with a financial analysis, John instead chose to speak about people, talking about the board members and staff who have made a difference to him — and to our work. He also had some great examples of how our work has had impact.

This was not exactly what you would expect to hear from a CFO, but it is exactly what we know and love about John. He is no character from the Wizard of Oz: his brains and his heart are both big. 

John’s future will be full of adventures, some defined and some yet to be. One of his first will be to set out after the snow thaws on a hike of the entire Appalachian Trail. We wish him much happiness and every day the kind of fun that he richly deserves.

He will be missed.