Our Team Rocks!

There is so much we are grateful for here @ NCCF.   During this our 25th year we have had some lovely opportunities to express our gratitude to our founders, to our donors, affiliate leaders, fundholders, grantees and board members.  Grateful seems to be a real theme around here.

There are a group of folks that I am incredibly grateful for, and do not get the recognition they deserve.  Our staff at NCCF is truly hands down the best.  This group of enormously talented, passionate, committed, and hardworking men and women are truly the strongest team I have ever worked with.   Each one of them could work in the private sector and command higher salaries, but they each have made a decision to work here.  They are here because they embrace our mission, are passionate about inspiring philanthropy and are dedicated to making it easy and fun for our donors.    I think it shows.

I am thankful for Melinda and Lori, D’Wayne and Lisa, Brittaney and Sally, Leslie Ann and Mary Anne, Katie and Noel, Mary and Cherry, John F, John H, and John B, and Sue and Beth, Kelly and Patricia, Sandi and Kim and our two newest team members Natalie and Megan!