Our work is a journey

We had a meeting of the Affiliate Impact Committee this week. This important group has been working for the past year with our staff to develop metrics to assess the effectiveness and financial health of NCCF’s affiliates. Members of this group include statewide board members, affiliate board members from each of our eight regions and some of our regional-based staff who work directly with our affiliate leaders, one who recently retired.  In short, our conference room was filled with folks from across the state!

This is important work for us, critical for sustaining growth and measuring impact.

This project is a clear reminder that our work is a process. The quote that says “life is a journey and not a destination” is quite fitting.

And when I say “journey,” I mean a really fun road trip. Picture lots of side trips off the highway, visits to interesting sites, conversations with people along the way, driving with the windows down and lots of singing and car snacks!

We began this work as a result of the strategic planning that came from our FUTURES Committee. Some thought it would only be a matter of months before we could develop benchmarks and criteria. It didn’t happen quite that fast because something more useful developed during the process of gathering input from folks:  real and meaningful conversations started happening.  Our network of 60 affiliates have become involved in deliberate dialogue about our work. Yesterday we agreed to continue the process — taking the committee’s recommendations back to our affiliate network to gather their thoughts and feedback. 

I see this process as a powerful commentary on our organization and the way we see our affiliate network: together we are one organization working to inspire philanthropy in communities across North Carolina.