Philanthropy runs in the family (June 2018)

The NCCF local affiliate foundations in New Hanover, Onslow and Greene counties have many things in common, from grantmaking and local leadership to scholarships and community funds. These three southeastern affiliates also have another unique commonality: each board of advisors has a member from the same family.

Hollis (Holly) Moye Ray, the New Hanover County Community Foundation grants chair, is the granddaughter of Beth Moye, a Greene County Community Foundation founding board member, and the daughter-in-law of Debbi Ray Rouse, the Onslow Caring Communities Foundation board president.

Hollis Moye Ray (right), NHCCF board member, poses for a photo at NCCF’s Pop-Up Philanthropy with Kristi Sullivan (left), NHCCF board president, and Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, NCCF CEO and president.

Holly Ray learned about NCCF growing up in Greene County. “My paternal grandmother, Beth Moye, has served on the community foundation board there for a long time,” she said. “I learned about the North Carolina Community Foundation growing up and knew what a wonderful resource it is to the community.”

Ray settled in New Hanover County with her husband after medical school and began practicing medicine locally. She still had a heart for service after years of international mission work throughout school and was looking for a way to continue that passion while still devoting time to her professional calling.

When Ray connected with the New Hanover County affiliate, she knew the grants committee would be a great fit. “I was able to channel my efforts into learning about our local nonprofits and helping to fund worthy programs,” she said. “It was a great fit for me.”

Ray’s mother-in-law, Debbi Ray Rouse, also once served as her affiliate’s grants chair in Onslow County. “I grew up knowing the value of helping others, it’s just the way we were raised,” Rouse said. “The fact that my daughter-in-law and her grandmother are both involved really reflects the love for philanthropy that we have in our family.”

Beth Moye, Ray’s grandmother, echoed Rouse’s belief in the family’s emphasis on service. “We have the desire to help,” Moye said. “I hope our involvement in the Foundation confirms the belief that we are grateful for our circumstances, and want to improve the needs of our communities.”

Service, giving back and family philanthropy are fundamental values throughout the work of the North Carolina Community Foundation to inspire philanthropy across the state. This family is one of many to understand that across generations.

“Eastern North Carolina really needs these organizations in all the counties,” Moye said. “We need to continue to grow the affiliates and nonprofits across the state. We need the North Carolina Community Foundation.”