Planning your 2023 giving

Your family may be among those who are taking their charitable giving budgets more seriously this year, given the stock market’s challenges, rising interest rates, and economic concerns.  

At the same time, those same challenges and others are putting pressure on nonprofits serving vulnerable populations; they need even more support to meet the demands.  

As 2023 gets into full swing, we have some tips for being intentional about your philanthropy by building a budget and taking a year-long approach to giving. 

Build a budget 

Planning and budgeting is a great way to create more intentionality around your giving. Intentional giving is not only more rewarding for you but is also likely to increase your level of engagement with the recipient organizations and enhance your understanding of how dollars are being deployed to meet the mission. This, in turn, helps your favorite organizations get better at carrying out their programs and serving those who rely on their work.  

Benefits of a year-long approach to giving  

 As compelling as year-end charitable giving and grantmaking may be, there are numerous benefits of a year-long strategy. These include: 

 As always, the NCCF team is here to help. Please reach out to learn more about how you can make the biggest difference with your charitable dollars, including how you can use an existing or new donor-advised fund, or other type of fund, to carry out your 2023 charitable wishes.