Rain, sleet or snow don’t stop NCCF’s grantmaking!

It is a cold and rainy day, and forecasters are calling for more snow and sleet here in the Triangle. Nevertheless, our spirits are high. It is one of our favorite times of the year at NCCF: our 2014 grantmaking season has begun!

Last month our fundholders received their quarterly statements with specifics around fund balances and grantmaking dollars available. Grant request forms have already begun pouring in from fundholders recommending grants to nonprofit organizations across the state and from nonprofit agencies requesting the distributions from their endowments. Last week alone we sent more than $750,000 to designated/agency fundholders. 

Our staff is always available to answer any questions you have about your fund balance or the grantmaking process. The extensive services we provide to our fundholders are just part of how we differentiate ourselves from private or commercial funds. 

Other ways in which we are different can be seen through our affiliate network, which helps us provide the expertise to advise on local needs in 67 communities across the state. Our boards of advisors that serve each local affiliate of the statewide network have connections and solid information on community needs and issues. This knowledge helps us to leverage grant dollars to best meet local needs.

All of our funds are customized to reflect our donors’ unique interests and needs, which more often than not also meet the unique needs of their communities.

Rain, sleet, snow or wind we are here!