Responsiveness to Earl shows value of local network

Thankfully North Carolina escaped any major damage from Earl last week.  

But the hurricane’s impact was still felt in several of our coastal communities.  Many volunteers were mobilized to assist the Albemarle-area chapters of both the Red Cross and Food Bank. Shelters were opened, people were evacuated, businesses were closed and vacation travel was suspended. Flooding and high winds took their toll.

Due to the nature of our work, NCCF staff and volunteers have planned and practiced our response to natural disasters.  Although we hope our state does not face a significant hurricane or natural disaster, we have tools and processes in place to provide quick assistance to those programs that are best-equipped to help victims in the face of need.

Last week, Peggy Birkemeier, who leads our Northeastern Region and lives in Southern Shores, kept us apprised of emergency plans and evacuations in her area.  Due to nimble and responsive actions of the Northern Albemarle Community Foundation board members, who met prior to Earl’s landfall, we were able to allocate necessary funds for hurricane preparedness prior to any effects felt in North Carolina from Earl.

This is a great illustration of the effectiveness of our affiliate model, which underscores the value of local leadership taking action to benefit local needs.