Scholarship metrics tell story for 2014

Editor’s note: Every year our Grants and Scholarship team compiles the scholarship numbers for the current academic year, slicing and dicing the metrics into a summary of interesting information that tells a story about our recipients for fundholders and guidance counselors and anyone interested in the future of our state!

2014 NCCF scholarship awards

  • In the 2014 scholarship season, NCCF awarded $627,555 in direct scholarship aid to 318 students from across North Carolina. 
  • 349 individual scholarships were awarded from 127 NCCF scholarship funds in 2014.
  • 130 of the 2014 NCCF scholars are first-generation college students.
  • This year’s NCCF scholarship recipients hail from 138 North Carolina cities and towns, and they are now studying at 73 different schools in 11 states across the country.
  • 53 of the schools attended by 2014 NCCF scholars are in North Carolina, meaning $573,190 in scholarship dollars stayed right here in our state.
  • 2014 NCCF scholars attend:
    -- 13 public universities in NC, with $384,010 for 182 students at those schools
    -- 22 private colleges and universities in NC, with $138,430 for 51 students
    -- 19 community colleges in NC, with $50,750 for 40 students at those schools
  • UNC System schools with the largest number of NCCF scholarships and total scholarship dollars this year were:

UNC Wilmington                                       25 scholarships, totaling $58,935
UNC Chapel Hill                                        32 scholarships, totaling $53,915
Appalachian State University                    28 scholarships, totaling $49,540
NC State University                                   24 scholarships, totaling $44,720

  • NCCF’s Campbell University scholars received 23 scholarships this year totaling $67,100 – the most NCCF scholarship dollars of any school.
  • 226 scholarships, totaling $426,405, were awarded to women in 2014.
  • During the 2014-15 academic year, 41 of this year’s NCCF scholars are graduating!

    North Carolina Community Foundation is proud of each and every one of our scholars, and we are grateful for our generous scholarship fundholders and the dedicated scholarship administrators who support and encourage the educational pursuits of these students! To learn more about some of our individual scholars, see the Scholar Spotlight feature here.

    Facts listed above were generated on Oct. 16, 2014.