“Senior” moments

It’s that time of year!

The flurry of activity, the rustling of paper, the rushing to the mailbox, the sleepless nights of anticipation …

You thought I was talking about the holidays? No. There is a different kind of excitement in our home this year. You see, I am the mom of a high school senior.

That’s right, my baby boy, who has grown up with his adorable 6-year-old face on our NCCF website, will graduate next spring. It has been an exciting, and admittedly, stressful time. There have been college tours, applications, portfolios of artwork and essays on top of essays to complete! It can be a lot for a kid to handle.

As I watch him navigate this process, I think about our own NCCF scholars. Kids who I have “met” on paper, through their own essays, and those who have stayed in touch through the years with our scholarship team. These “senior moments” with my son are giving me a whole new perspective on the importance of our work with scholarships at NCCF. Last year, we awarded nearly $800,000 in direct scholarships to 357 students across North Carolina, and many of them were first-generation college students. 

As I prepare for our upcoming scholarship season, I’m going to make it a point to be extra attentive to our students, the guidance counselors and the parents. We all need a little TLC during this exciting time!

Make sure to check out our website for upcoming information on our 2018 scholarship process; there are many wonderful opportunities.  And enjoy every last one of those “senior moments!”

I know that I will.