Service to community is the core of our affiliate network

A big part of my new role at the Foundation involves engaging the community through opportunities for service – yes, to the Foundation, but ultimately, service to local communities and collectively, to North Carolina.

The people that make up the North Carolina Community Foundation demonstrate a deep commitment to service every day. The board members who serve our statewide network of local affiliate foundations are a shining example of this commitment.

The leaders of our affiliates are called upon to serve and leverage their leadership to make community grants, convene local nonprofits, interface with key constituents, grow their unrestricted funds, build other permanent philanthropic funds in the area and often administer scholarships. Not to mention the travel, meetings, review of applications and countless other tasks that make up their many volunteer hours.

We especially see the depth of this commitment to service as many of our affiliate board members are also working diligently on disaster recovery in their own communities, on behalf of the NCCF Disaster Relief Fund. Many of them are doing so while managing the effects of the storm on their own lives as residents of areas of eastern North Carolina most impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Even further, our affiliate foundation leaders have been working with our consultant, Steve Alley. We’re grateful to every board member who has taken the time to meet with Steve. That time is incredibly valuable to us in strategizing how we’ll continue to strengthen our network. In the coming months, resulting from his work and more, we’ll be providing even more opportunities for our affiliate leaders to serve our community and state.

One of the additional avenues for service available at NCCF is being a part of the Affiliate Impact Committee. Originally formed several years ago, the Affiliate Impact Committee is a crucial voice for our affiliate network to our statewide board of directors, serving as a critical link between the leaders of our organization and the communities we’re working to serve daily.

Whenever I have a conversation with a committee member, I’m always struck by just how much the honor of service is mutual. Committee members always affirm how much of an honor it is to be asked to represent their community and region at the statewide level, and we are always honored to not only serve alongside them but be an organization to which they choose to commit themselves in so many ways.

It is my pleasure to introduce the committee to you below. You will be hearing more about their work soon. We’re deeply grateful that these committee members are already giving so much to their local affiliate foundations and are willing to give even more, often traveling to Raleigh several times a year and partnering with other affiliate leaders across their region to build philanthropy collectively. To have people that will give so much – truly, the honor is ours.

Affiliate Impact Committee members:

Board of directors

Affiliate advisory board