Sloth in the wild

You never know what is going to grab someone’s attention. What is that part of your work that captures someone’s passion, imagination — or just gets them excited? 

We each have a story about the work of the North Carolina Community Foundation — and something that really speaks to each of us as to why we became involved and stay involved. 

For some this is very personal and close to our hearts. For others it has to do with legacy — and a sense of ensuring our community will benefit from our charitable dollars even we are not here. It could be an interest in promoting change, wanting to honor our parents or our children or our spouse. It can be knowledge of how blessed we have been and how education and the support we received as children have made the difference in our success and our wish to make that the reality for other children.

All of us tell our stories in a different way — but each story is important. What is it that motivates you to give back and to pay it forward?

My daughter is in Nicaragua and Costa Rica with a school group over spring break. It is an incredible opportunity to visit local schools and learn about the culture. They also are visiting a live volcano, riding horses, zip-lining, kayaking and experiencing many other really fun activities.

But what do you think captured my daughter’s excitement?  Seeing a sloth in the wild!  She texted me that she saw a sloth in the wild – and that it was the best place ever and she was never coming home.  

What is your sloth in the wild?