So excited to receive our 100,000th gift!

A pretty cool thing happened on Wednesday last week. We received our 100,000th donation! What was special about it was that the gift was made in our 25th year of promoting philanthropy by someone who has been with us every single step of that way. 

Mr. Billy Woodard made a donation in support of our upcoming anniversary event October 25th.  Mr. Woodard has been involved with NCCF in countless roles: as a generous pioneer, donor, advocate, state board member, visionary and leader since the very beginning of our organization.

We are a statewide community foundation with a large footprint that encompasses 60 local community foundations serving 67 counties. We handle a large number of transactions just by virtue of our size and service area. We process donations, grant requests, grant checks, acknowledgment letters and receipts in record numbers compared with other community foundations across the country.  Each of these many steps may be called a “transaction,” but they are not merely “transactions” to us. 

We work in relationships, so first we want our transactions to be handled efficiently, correctly and transparently. But what we hope will result from these many transactions is a basis for building a long-term relationship. Our constituents learn over these many transactions that we can be counted on; we are building trust and growth. 

We do not often focus on just the numbers, but during our quarter-century anniversary, we are thinking about both our history and our future. And we are thinking (and thanking) the people like Mr. Woodard who helped to make us what we are today: your trusted philanthropic partners.

Whether you are donating $25 or $25 million dollars, you can count on us.