Somebody get me a sandwich!

When I was about ten years old I remember going with my Dad to his office sometimes on a Saturday. He had lots to catch up on a weekend; I enjoyed spending time with him. It also felt pretty cool to go to an office, and I sat behind his desk pretending I was at work, doing what at the time seemed like work things — pushing papers around, sharpening pencils and taking notes on a small pad. 

If I am honest, my favorite part was that my Dad would give me some money so I could go to the vending machines and buy something to eat.  My favorite machine dispensed sandwiches that somehow I just found fascinating — wrapped triangle cut sandwiches — all sorts of different types. It revolved, and it must have been refrigerated as I clearly remember egg salad as one of the choices!

Coming to the NCCF office feels like a bit of a treat. I am not traveling until Friday this week, so much of my time will be in the office — and not pushing around papers and sharpening pencils. It is a busy time of year. Our fiscal year is coming to an end, so there is a flurry of activity around starting a new year and closing out last year. Our statewide board meets next week, and we’ll elect our new chairman, approve the FUTURES Committee report as well as review our budget, approve some policy changes and review our grantmaking recommendations. Our finance committee meets next week, and grants committee met last week!  We recently held a session on some technology upgrades we are planning for this next year. On Thursday and Friday our community leadership staff was all in the area at a retreat, planning and sharing information. Scholarships are underway, and our affiliate grantmaking kicked off two weeks ago. Grant requests are in full swing.

 It is a busy time here at NCCF; no time for pushing papers around! Just wish we had a vending machine that dispenses sandwiches! Often no time for lunch!