Thank you, Mr. Holding

As I am about to retire from almost ten years as CFO, I have been reflecting on NCCF as well as my entire career. More than 25 years ago Mr. Lewis Holding, Chairman of First Citizens Bank, implemented a far-sighted vision to assist the communities of North Carolina. Born from that decision was the NCCF that now has assets of over $200 million and has given out over $89 million in grants.

Prior to joining NCCF, I worked only in private sector companies. The missions of those various for-profit corporations all included creating shareholder value — admirable and necessary, but not exactly passion inspiring. During those years I took notice that others working instead in the not-for-profit sector had a different underlying attitude. With that in mind, I accepted my current position at NCCF.   

Here I found co-workers who are not only good people, but good people with a passion for doing good. I sensed a shared feeling of being part of something larger and inherently compassionate, something I had never felt in the private sector. Decisions were typically influenced by the questions of: What is right? What is in the best interest of our donors and those they want us to help? 

NCCF is a tightly-run, well-respected organization with an intelligent and hard working staff. Because of that, I have been able to completely satisfy my professional career goals while also having an underlying warm sense of helping my fellow North Carolinians. When I am away from work, I find myself animated in talking about NCCF and telling the many good-news stories.

The staff, our tireless CEO, the board of directors, and this entire thriving enterprise are truly committed to Mr. Holding’s original vision. I’ve been humbled and proud to have been a small part of it. And these generous, friendly people working here will always be like a family to me. This job has been this accounting and finance man’s best job ever.

Thank you, Mr. Holding.

Editor’s note: John will retire as our CFO on Nov. 26, and we will miss him!