That’s not a suntan, it’s the glow of vacation!

I just returned to the office after an extended vacation with my husband.  It is Thursday, and I have maintained the vacation glow through today.  (Not sure how much longer I can hold on though!)

You know what I mean — the glow of a well-spent break — of time spent with someone you love to spend time with; a break from the everyday routine that sometimes seems to envelop us. Keeping that “glow” takes a bit of focus and work. Those everyday demands soon crowd in!  The opportunity to take a step away and look at things from a different perspective is incredibly helpful. As a close friend said, our family relationships can become almost transaction focused: “Can you pick up the kids on Tuesday?” Or: “I will get the dry cleaning if you stop and get milk.” A holiday lets us just focus on the relationship. I am happy to say I returned to Raleigh happy to be married to Ted and with renewed clarity about some work projects and renewed intentions to balance a bit more.

I also returned committed to encouraging each member of our team and everyone else I care about to take time away, truly away – and not to check email and voicemail but to simply spend time doing something they enjoy, with people they love.  Sometimes it is so hard to step away from our work, but it can be life changing to get your batteries recharged every now and then and refocus.

The perspective is important here at our community foundation.  We know that strong relationships demand both a high level of involvement and caring mixed with some transactional elements. The relationship with a community foundation is that very same way. Sometimes it is a little bit transactional — issuing checks or providing information. But it always comes back to the core relationship– the trust, the caring , the commitment we have to ensuring a positive philanthropic experience.  We will never take a vacation from that!