The gift of forgiveness is my wish for you

As we roar into the holidays and the end of the year, life here at NCCF has been extremely busy.  Not sure if it is the full moon, or high tide or that Thanksgiving was so late, but hasn’t life seemed busier than usual? It is important to me that you know how very grateful we are for our conversations and the new opportunities that often result.  I also want you to know that we understand how important it is to ensure those year-end grants reach nonprofit organizations across our state.  And I never want folks to feel rushed or hurried, but …. time is really running out. In fact I can feel it breathing down my neck!

When I look at my own list of what I need to get done before the end of the year, I am not sure it will all get accomplished.  (The one thing I have to say I have finished are my charitable donations for the year!)  Last night at 8:40 pm when I was pushing a shopping cart around Target, I found myself almost in tears. Not because I had learned my credit card has possibility been compromised, but rather I was thinking about the next several days and all I wanted to get done.  Despite all my efforts of self-preservation, I found myself a bit overwhelmed and not at all holiday-ish.

Much has been said about Nelson Mandela, and the most compelling was his lessons about forgiveness. I have been thinking about forgiveness a lot as we head into the end of the year.  And this morning I realized I wanted to work on forgiveness, and to devote some energy into letting some things go.  But what I really realized was the first place I need to start is with myself. I am going to forgive myself for not getting everything done on my list and give myself a little slack around expectations.  I am going to lighten up on myself.  I am going to let some things go and to work on forgiveness. What a great gift.

That is my wish for you: during the busy, big crazy world and all this rushing about, that you find some peace and some quiet — and that you find time to spend on forgiveness. What a great gift to give yourself.