The holiday board table: a toast to NCCF’s directors!

We had a perfectly festive and productive meeting last week with NCCF’s statewide board of directors. I always look forward to our board meetings as there is so much positive and focused energy. Pulling together information on what we’ve accomplished — and even more so on what is ahead — is pretty energizing for me.

Friday’s meeting was no exception. We met at Poyner Spruill and heard from our legal counsel Bo Dempster. We also had great participation in a discussion about planned-giving. Of special interest were the time-limited opportunities around IRAs. We are here until Dec. 31 at noon, so check out this page if you still looking for opportunities to accomplish your year-end giving. (And we have lots of alternatives if you don’t qualify for this opportunity.)

Some of our conversation at the board meeting focused on a discussion of ways to build the NCCF Endowment. This fund was established by our generous founders and is supported with annual gifts from our board, other friends and partners and goes to support our affiliate network and its work throughout the state. It is no surprise to anyone but demand for services has increased, and our footprint is large. Stuart Dorsett, our board chairman, is passionate about growing the endowment, and his energy around this was clear on Friday. 

I looked around the board table and saw the faces of people who care about the future of NCCF. These are statewide leaders who are committed to supporting our donors and affiliate network. They have committed time and energy to growing this organization. Some of our board members have a long history with us, and some are newer. No matter how long their tenure, the exchange of ideas is never dull, as our chairman does a good job in his efforts to engage all in vibrant and meaningful discussions. 

Even though they take their work with NCCF seriously, our directors don’t always take themselves too seriously. I was gratified, for example, to find a willing panel among board members to judge our staff’s first annual NCCF Holiday Beverage contest. I will just say, “Stay tuned!”

Before Thanksgiving I gave a much deserved shout-out to all on our staff. Have I mentioned how very grateful we are for each one of our board members, who travel from both near and far to participate at our table?! A toast to the NCCF board!