The passion of volunteers

A few events this week brought a powerful reminder about the passion of our many volunteers who are so generous in giving of their time, talents and treasures in support of causes near and dear to their hearts.

The first story this week comes as an important national charity is forced to withdraw a grant decision it announced earlier in the week. Both the Susan G. Komen and the Planned Parenthood organizations were impacted by the initial decisions, the outpouring of passionate responses to this decision (in record time), and the subsequent decision forcing the Susan G. Komen to reconsider its actions.

As a community foundation working with local communities across North Carolina, we strive to be diligent in responding to the community needs we serve, to the many nonprofit organizations seeking grants from funds we administer and in utilizing several methods to ensure grants are used in the manner they were approved.

My second reminder this week came in reflecting on the passion of one volunteer who helped to organize a local organization to support the unmet needs of children in Currituck County. Deborah Rorer was a steadfast, enthusiastic supporter and volunteer on this new board, even after her cancer returned. Her grace, courage and spirit were an inspiration to those fortunate to know her. She will be missed but not forgotten. Even in dying she asked for donations to support the work of Currituck Kids.

Nonprofit organizations are fortunate to have passionate volunteers supporting their work, and events this week remind us just how important it is to make decisions based on diligent and careful review of facts and mission. For Deborah Rorer and many others like her, we are grateful to them and appreciate their services every day.