The power and promise of “new-ness”

I am really grateful, as this week at NCCF we had two new staff members join our team: David Ryan, who is our new CFO; and Anna Conway, who is a new grants and scholarship specialist.   

It is really a treat to have new staff and to spend time talking about our work — how we got here and where we are going. Talk about values, impact and excellent customer service and our passion for all things philanthropic gets us all going. We spend time reflecting on our history, our founder Lewis Holding and also Elizabeth Fentress, who was our fearless leader for so many years. 

We also talk about our affiliates and the tremendous impact our fundholders and grantees are having across our state.  

We discuss our partners throughout North Carolina, particularly the leaders who are working to strengthen their communities. And we talk about our plans and dreams for the future – to help ensure that our new members see themselves and their roles clearly in our work.  

As much as I like to talk, what I really like are the questions — always great questions — that make me stop for a moment and think and reflect. It reminds me of when I started at the community foundation and when I finally, truly began to understand that our work is both incredibly straightforward and incredibly complex at the very same time.   

We exist to increase charitable giving and to make it easy and fun for you to give. It was eight years ago this week that I joined the staff, and it seems like both years and years and also just a couple of months at the same time. I could not be prouder of what we have accomplished and remain really excited about what is ahead for us.  

Please join us in welcoming David and Anna. You’ll be hearing more about them later!