This is my commitment …

There may be nothing that can be articulated that has not already been said or written in the last couple of days since evil visited a community in Connecticut. 

The senseless tragedy of these young lives lost is almost too much to bear, and our hearts go out to their families and friends.  

We all are struggling with the why of this…and we all of course wish there were something we could do. This is a time when donations of money or clothes or food will not fill a hole. What we must do is commit ourselves to finding a way to address the issues that led to this tragedy — and addressing mental illness is at the top of this list. 

Families across our communities are struggling with younger and younger children afflicted with issues affecting their abilities to go to school, to function in society.  Mental illness continues to go relatively unseen in our community — the stigma and shame keep many from getting help and support.  

There is a wonderful suggestion floating around social media: that we should each commit to performing 26 acts of kindness in memory of these lives lost.  

That is my commitment.