Time for fall traditions and year-end generosity

I love the fall – the cooler temperatures, the warmer colors, the apple-cinnamon scents – all the autumn rituals. The first weekend of October, I went to the local farm stand and bought pumpkins and mums to decorate the outside of the house, just as I have done every year for a long time now. I won’t be hosting any football parties, and I’m not sure yet whether we will have trick-or-treaters. Still, there’s comfort in the ritual.

In fact, October feels like the beginning of a series of traditions that slide us downhill quickly to the end of the year and the start of a new one, doesn’t it? Despite all that is different about this year, I imagine that feeling will remain. And if you find yourself caught in 2020’s unique time warp, these last few months may slip by even more easily.

At NCCF, this time of year marks the approach of the end of annual grantmaking. So far, we’ve made $21,982,447 in grants, but we are not done. If you are a donor-advised fundholder with spending left to do, here are some thoughts on how to support the needs of your community and your state.

You have until December 10 to make recommendations from your fund. I know that feels like a long time from now, but don’t let that downhill slide get the better of you. End this year knowing that you’ve made the most of the charitable opportunity your fund offers to your community.

For more details on how to make final grants of 2020, click here or reach out to your donor engagement officer.