Unfortunately disaster relief is a megatrend

I remember being assigned in college to read the book Megatrends: 10 New Directions Transforming our Lives. Although I would not say it transformed my life, it did change how I thought about the future.

While I have not gone back to reread it, I would guess that author John Naisbitt was pretty accurate in his predictions.  Did it shape the future, or did it predict the future?

Recently philanthropy guru Lucy Bernholz released her ten trends for the future of philanthropy. 

One of those predictions is: “Disaster relief giving will be more structured and planned.”

She goes on to say: “Weather forecasters and scientists are predicting a dramatic uptick in natural disasters, especially those that are weather related. Efforts to organize and plan for these disasters will take hold. New mechanisms for individual disaster response giving will exist.”

While we watch with shock and sadness the horrific tragedy unfolding in Japan, we cannot help but also think about our own communities and how we would cope. 

North Carolina has had more than its share of natural disasters. We may hope for nothing to occur soon, but we also know that odds are against us. 

Here at the North Carolina Community Foundation we have been planning for the future, working with folks in communities across the state to ensure that we have a well thought-out response to potential natural disasters. In many cases, I am also gratified to report that our affiliates have also developed the funds to support that response. 

Proactive giving to meet the needs of the future is just another power of endowment.