We dare you

I shouldn’t admit this, but I can’t resist a dare. Accordingly, I have eaten my share of dubious “delicacies,” scaled vertigo-inducing trees and roofs, and participated in more than one juvenile escapade (lips sealed on those!). My younger brother is the particular master of persuasion behind most of these. 

But there’s another kind of “dare” that I am promoting these days, and it’s one far more appealing than ingesting insects or egging the teacher’s car. This dare is actually a challenge: one we are calling our annual Chairman’s Challenge

What exactly IS this challenge and — more importantly — why should YOU be persuaded to accept it? 

The Chairman’s Challenge calls upon philanthropists of every size and stripe to meet the challenge of donating to one of NCCF’s local grantmaking endowments (known technically as “unrestricted funds”). Dollars raised during the month of November will qualify for a matching dollar pool offered by generous anonymous donors. 

Why is this campaign so important? Building a local endowment that serves as a growing source of funding for community needs both now and in the future is critical to any community’s long-term health and vitality. This is and has been an essential part of the NCCF mission for over twenty-five years:  helping our affiliated counties develop these important resources for local needs.  

Why should you accept the challenge? It’s no secret that unrestricted dollars are notoriously hard to raise. A successful unrestricted fund requires gifts both large and small from committed visionary donors who see the impact these funds can and will have on their counties. The Chairman’s Challenge represents an important opportunity to augment the potential of EACH gift via the matching pool. 

How can you participate? A list of participating counties can be found on our home page story here. Giving can take several forms: a check of any amount made payable to that county’s unrestricted fund, OR a gift can be made online.

Last year, hundreds of donors rose to the Chairman’s Challenge and the result was a powerful amplification in local grant-making endowments in 38 counties. This year, we are excited about an increase in both the number of participating affiliates AND the size of the matching pool. An exciting campaign is at hand! 

Better than eating bugs? You betcha.  Worth participating?  We Dee-Double-Dog-Dare Ya.