Why are there moms?

I’ll never forget a question my daughter asked when she was about five years old. We were driving in the car (where all great conversations take place with your children), and she asked: “Mom, why are there moms?”

I thought it was a great question. I told her that there were moms (and dads) to love and care for you and to keep you safe and warm and to teach you how to make your way in the world.  

This seemed to satisfy her, but it is a question that I still think about years later. This sometimes comes to mind because I know there are children who grow up without a mom or dad to keep them safe. And sometimes it comes to mind out of sheer gratitude for my own mom, who is the super coolest mom ever. It also occurs to me when I consider my own hopes and fears as a mom.

This Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to express gratitude for the women in our lives — our biological moms of course, but also all those other women who guide, mentor and care about us. I am lucky to have an abundance of these women in my own life, and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of them!

Some of the endowment funds we hold here at NCCF are dedicated to moms, many in memory and all in appreciation. Our files are full of their stories. The language and sentiments used in their funds’ documentation often share a common theme. The funds are established to honor those who were “cherished, special, important and loved” for their “guidance, care, love and support.”

Wishing you time this weekend to be grateful for the important “moms” you’ve had the privilege to cherish in your life.