Women in Touch Endowment in Holiday Parade

On November 17th, representatives  Women in Touch marched in the West Jefferson Holiday Parade.  The Parade has been a tradition in the community for the past 20 years.  
Women In Touch is a group of women reaching out to all women of Ashe County to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer. The Women In Touch Endowment supports their efforts of explaining the importance of mammograms and to teaching breast self-examination for early detection of lumps or any abnormality of the breast. 
If you’ve seen the pink propane delivery trucks driving around neighborhoods, you weren’t imagining things: Blue Ridge Energies has three pink trucks as a way to support breast cancer awareness. For every gallon of propane delivered by the pink delivery trucks, a penny will be donated to a local breast cancer related charity. In Ashe County, the Women in Touch Endowment will receive the donation.