Andrew Stephen Hendrix Scholarship Endowment

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This scholarship is open to high school graduates in New Hanover County, NC, who have been accepted to an institution of higher learning. Applicants must demonstrate a strong work ethic, leadership skills, loyalty and dedication, in keeping with the character traits exemplified by Andy Hendrix. Students who have worked in the restaurant industry in New Hanover County may receive strong consideration.

Essay prompt: Applicants must address how they demonstrate Andrew’s strong work ethic, leadership skills, loyalty, dedication and compassion in their essay.

Two letters of recommendation are required. One should be from a current or former employer and the other from a teacher, coach, pastor, supervisor or other qualified individual.

About Andrew Stephen Hendrix

Creative, curious and giving, Andrew Stephen Hendrix was a lifelong seeker, always striving to deepen his understanding of the world. He had many interests, including cooking, art, gardening and environmental science.

He demonstrated his passion for creativity to friends and family by exploring new ways to work with spices, pottery glazes and gardening techniques. His flourishing fruit trees and hundreds of clay sculptures are a lasting testament to his creative energy.

Undergirding his interests was a reverence and fascination for life. He loved people and accepted everyone without judgment. Not only was he determined to overcome obstacles, but he also encouraged others in the face of their own challenges.

He brought the same attitudes to his job, approaching duties large and small with a strong work ethic and commitment. He was kind and always ready to lend a hand, whether he was welcoming a new co-worker at his job or volunteering at the Arc of North Carolina, an organization that provides advocacy and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Local Contact

Ms. Karen Bessey

Due Date

March 15, 2024

How to Apply

Apply by using the NCCF Scholarships Portal